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No, there are no limits in regards to creating tests. You may create as many as you want.
Yes, you can assign homework using SimpleVLE. To do this, you create a task. You can upload documents to the task if you want. You can also require your students to respond to the task or homework assignment in this case.
Yes, you can. There is functionality to create a grade scale and record grades for student tests and tasks. Students will then be able to view their grades if you allow them to.
Thats easy. Take a presentation for example. You would just create a task and explain what needs to be done in the task description. Then after the student finishes the presentation, you manually enter a grade for it.
That depends on how you assigned the test or task. If you chose to assign the test or task to the 'Entire Class', then YES the future students who weren't registered at the time will get the assignment upon adding your class. However, if you assign the test or task to students individually, then NO future students will not get the assignment upon adding your class.
Some performance graphs will not work without creating a grade scale first. You must create a grade scale and link all gradable tests and tasks to the appropriate grade scale category. If you have already created a grade scale and you still do not see any chart points, make sure that your graded test and task assignments have been linked to a grade scale category.
A certificate of achievement can be added to any test when the test is assigned to the class. Just select yes to the question that asks "Do you want to make this a pass/fail test?" Then select the minimum passing grade. AFter a user successfully completes the test they will be awarded a certificate of achievement that includes the tester's name, date, testname, classname, and the instructor's name.