About Us

Our Company

SimpleVLE was started by two people that were determined to enhance the online educational process. The first of which is a doctor and college professor whose experience includes educating students in traditional classrooms as well as online LMS/VLE's. The second is a software developer who was willing to take the ideas of the first and put them together to implement this website.


Instuctors are so bogged down with administrative tasks and learning new software that they cannot spend their time actually teaching. Creating homework assignments, administering tests, and study material is quick and easy with SimpleVLE.


SimpleVLE is easy to use. It works like an instructor thinks it should work because it was designed by an instructor. Sites like blackboard take forever just to get simple things done. SimpleVLE has no complicated features that overload the site or your brain.


This website has all of the basic features that are needed to administer a class online or in a traditional setting. There are many features in SimpleVLE.com and the site is constantly improving. Give it try, its free!