Getting Started

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Regardless of whether you are using the API or manually awarding certificates, you must first design your certificate templates via this web application. A template consists of a background along with all the static text and/or images that you wish to be included on the awarded certificates. There will be a placeholder for [Student Name] and [Auto Date]. These tags will be dynamically added when the certificates are awarded.

Design Template Steps
  1. Choose a base template (background)
  2. Update existing text or add new text
  3. Add images and/or logos
  4. Remove unwanted images or text
  5. Add signatures
  6. Save Design

You can award a certificate using the web interface, API, or via our Zapier Integration. Awarded Certificates can be viewed and downloaded via the SimpleVLE Web Application, through our API, and/or via auto-generated download links.

Award via Webapp
  1. Choose a design
  2. Select the students
  3. Click Award Button
  4. Choose Date if Applicable
  5. Submit

Our API is documented using Swagger OpenAPI 3 Specification. Once you have designed your certificate templates, everything else can be accomplished via our API. Click the following link to check it out: OpenAPI 3 - Swagger Documentation

Click here to setup automation via Zapier

There are many ways to view and download the Awarded Certificates. Each users has a webpage where all their certificates are available. Each certificate has direct download links in PDF and PNG formats. The files can be downloaded via the API as well. We make it easy for you host the thumbnails and downloads directly on your website or LMS.

Award Webview
  1. Login as the Awardee
  2. Visit public student Awards page
  3. Download as PDF or PNG

Yes, the Certificate API is free for the first 90 days. If you wish to continue to award new certificates, you will need to purchase a premium account for a very small fee. If you can't afford to buy a premium account, reach out to support and we will consider waiving the fee under certain circumstances.