A Simple Virtual Learning Environment

  • Design Online Tests
  • Create Assignments
  • Record Student Grades

What is SimpleVLE?


SimpleVLE is a virtual learning environment that provides a set of tools for creating online tests, quizzes, exams, and other class content including presentations, lesson plans, and homework assignments with a focus on simplicity. SimpleVLE provides a simple gradebook solution with an optional grade scale. SimpleVLE users are comprised of traditional in-class teachers, business training departments or human resources, distance learning programs, online teachers, self-study groups, and more. Custom web-based testing services from SimpleVLE allow you to easily create secure online exams using multiple choice, short answer, essay, and true or false question types. Other test options include video/image uploads, password protection, time limits, and many others.

Additional info

SimpeVLE also provides users with a profile that includes a messaging system to facilitate easy communication between the teacher and his/her students. SimpleVLE is free of charge with no trial periods, testing limits, premium access levels, or any other gimmicks that most sites use in order to get their users to pay a premium. SimpleVLE works with all browsers and operating systems including iPad, iPhone, and most Smart devices. However, if you are using Internet Explorer, it is recommended to use version 9 or above.

Site News

6/14/2016 - Secured site with SSL Encryption
6/12/2016 - Completed website migration to AWS

Site Options


Testing Interface

The testing interface has many old features.


Profile Interface

Users can create a profile that will encourage communication


Test Statistics

Student test answers represented with a graph, highlighting the areas that need improvement


Student Grades

Test grades are automatically calculated while homework and class assignments are entered manually.