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New Feature: Simple Chat Widget

Blog Image After receiving a multitude of requests from our users, we decided to implement a very simple chat widget, which is available throughout your session. With this simple little chat widget, you can see the online status of all your students and/or instructors to whom you can open a direct chat with at any given time.

In addition to have the ability to direct chat with individual students and instructors, you also have access to class chatrooms. These chatrooms provide you the capability to participate in group chats with students from a particular class.

To avoid situations where the chat widget obscures your view from other important features, we provided the ability to drag the chat window anywhere on you're screen. If it still gets in the way, you can simply hide the widget from view completely.

Anytime you get a new chat message, you will see an alert within the chat window, provided the chat widget is open. If the chat widget is closed, you will see a count inside the chat icon button (As depicted in the image to the right). On mobile devices, you will see a smaller white icon at the top of the screen in the menu bar.

We intentionally made the chat as simple as possible, only providing the capability to send simple text messages. However, if you think it would be helpful to include more functionality, please let us know in the comments below. If the feature request becomes popular, we will most likely implement it as swiftly as possible.


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