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Coronavirus Update

Blog Image With everyone staying at home waiting for the pandemic to pass, many find themselves looking for a simple online teaching solution. Whether you are a teacher looking to move from a traditional classroom to an online setting or a group of parents banding together as a homeschooling coop, SimpleVLE can help facilitate your learning objectives.

There are a wide variety of technology tools online to choose from. We don't pretend to be best for everyone, we just try to deliver a simple but comprehensive product that meets the needs of a variety of users. While SimpleVLE has everything you need to manage an online class, we try not to overwhelm with functionality that users rarely use. Designing lessons, uploading files, creating and assigning tasks such as homework or quizzes are all very easy tasks to accomplish on our platform. Most sites have these basic capabilities as well, but what sets us apart is the simplistic natural delivery of these capabilities.

Another thing that sets us apart from similar sites is our customer support. While we do provide phone support for our premium members, we also provide quality email support to our free users alike. For example, a basic user requested a capability that we considered to be an important feature that did not exist on our platform. We immediately made it an implementation priority and now its a feature available to all of our users. In contrast, according to site reviews, many of the top LMS/VLE's customer support teams do very little for their free users and quite often have a 'pay for what you get' attitude about everything. Thats not why we got involved in education.

So, be careful, stay healthy during these troubling times, and if you have a question, post a comment below, give us a shout on our contact page, or email us at





Thanks, I looking forward to trying it out.

  • 282 days ago

Alecia Thomas

All said is so true. I love using this platform. I love the support and response time for information and assistance.

  • 261 days ago