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Major Updates - Affects All Users!

Blog Image Attention all Users! There will be several major updates coming this week on 10/12/2017. These new updates will affect all of our users, hopefully in a positive way. Please read this blog post so that the changes will not come as a surprise.

Most importantly, users will be able to create courses and all classes will be derived from those courses. This will mostly help those instructors that teach the same material more than once to multiple groups of students.

For example, an instructor can create a course titled Calculus II and then create a class from that course called Fall Semester 2017. After creating a grade scale, making some announcements, assigning homework and quizzes for the first class, the instructor will no longer have to create another class from scratch. He/she can duplicate those announcements, assignments, etc when creating a 2nd class called Spring Semester 2018 as an example. The only thing that would need to be altered is the due dates for each assignment.

So what does that mean for current instructors? Current instructors will notice that their current classes will be encompassed within a course. The name of the course will be the original class name and the class name will be defaulted to 'Class 1.' Don't worry because users will be able to rename their classes and/or courses to whatever they like.

The 2nd site update may not apply to all instructors, only those who intend on offering premium courses, or paid content. Now, instructors who want to sell their courses, SimpleVLE offers a Merchant Account. See the following blog post for more details on merchant accounts.

Finally, we have upgraded our user interface and enhanced the mobile experience. Users will notice that the site displays better on mobile devices as well as traditional PC sized monitors. Please let us know if there are any problems or if you have any suggestions. Thanks!