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Data Visualizations Can Improve Decision Making

Blog Image Data visualizations such as graphs and charts can help a teacher tremendously when making decisions. Most of the time, data displayed in a graph and/or chart can be analyzed much easier than that same data presented in a table. SimpleVLE provides simple but effective graphs and charts to visualize test and overall student performance in several different ways.

One of the most useful is the test performance graph. This line graph is very useful in determining which subject areas the class or group is having trouble with. A spike in this line graph may indicate that the instructor needs to concentrate on that question's relevant subject matter. To make things easy, the graph is interactive allowing the instructor to click the points of the graph to get additional information, including the question text, correct answer, and which students answered the particular question incorrectly.

In addition to the test performance graph, there are the student performance graphs and charts that give the instructor the ability to track individuals while comparing their performance with the class as a whole. These graphs and charts are only applicable after the teacher has created a grade scale. Overall student performance can not be calculated without creating weighted grade scale categories that apply to each test or task.

All charts and graphs can be exported into various file formats such as pdf,png,svg, and jpg. These charts can be used to create detailed reports on student progress for example. We are always looking for new and effective ways to present the data so if you have any suggestions on other methods so please contact us here.





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