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Three Ways to Integrate the Super Bowl into Learning with AHA and NFL PLAY 60 

Looking for a fun way to get students active while teaching them the importance of a healthy lifestyle?  NFL Play 60 and the American Heart Association provide engaging resources to help educators teach students the positive impact of physical activity on health and wellness. Through a variety of fun, interactive lessons, digital explorations and videos, educators can provide students and families the tools they need to get the necessary 60 minutes or more of physical activity each day. 

With  Super Bowl LV approaching, now is a great time to plan for using these resources to combine the excitement of a real-world event with curriculum to engage students and support their overall wellbeing. Read on for three ways educators can get students involved in learning healthy habits while getting them excited for the big game! 

Participate in the NFL PLAY 60 Kids Day Event, February 3rd 

This year?s NFL PLAY 60 Kids Day event is going virtual! Students will have the opportunity to explore a series of on-demand videos created by NFL teams to demonstrate a variety of different exercises and share their tips for staying fit. One way to customize the NFL PLAY 60 Kids Day experience for students is to have them use the videos to create their dream workout, incorporating their favorite exercises. As part of the event, students around the nation will also have the chance to vote for their favorite NFL PLAY 60 club exercise videoThe winning move will be announced during  NFL PLAY 60 Kids Day . Learn more and register! 

Add the NFL PLAY 60 Digital Exploration to any learning environment 

Perfect for remote, hybrid or in-person learning, the digital exploration helps students recognize the science behind how regular physical activity positively impacts their wellbeing ? physically, mentally, socially and academically. This self-guided experience inspires students with tips and information about different activities that can help them reach the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity per day, and ultimately allows them to build a customized fitness plan and think through how they can integrate activity into their daily schedule.  

Implement new standardsaligned lessons for Science, PhysEd and ELA 

NFL PLAY 60 provides a variety of standards-aligned, turnkey lessons. The two newest offerings, Pump You Up and The Influence of Science & Tech in Sports & Physical Activity allow for cross-curricular implementation. Pump You Up invites students to analyze statistics related to physical activity levels in the US, while tracking their own physical activity level; and The Influence of Science and Tech taps into students? critical thinking skills as they design a measurement tool to track their fitness goals.  

A favorite lesson on the site and a great integration for a customized NFL PLAY 60 Kids Day experience,  PLAY 60 Presents! is aligned to ELA and Science standards. In this lesson students create a presentation based on a sport or physical activity to present to their peers, while learning how different sports involve the use of different muscle groups and other body systems. 

We know that easy, fun and accessible physical activity is essential in light of the challenges educators, students and parents are facing right now. These resources from  NFL PLAY 60 and the AHA are great for helping students stay active in any learning environment! Subscribers can also explore these resources and more on the AHA NFL Play 60 Channel in Discovery Education Experience. 

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This Week at DE: Week of January 17

Hi everyone! My name?s Mark Miano and I lead our video hub here at Discovery Education, where we produce and film exciting virtual field trips, career profiles and other video content 

Our team has been given the opportunity to create something very special this week in advance of the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden, and I’m very excited to share it with all of you. 


Discovery Education, in partnership with the Discovery Family and Discovery Familia networks, is collaborating with the inaugural transition team to produce a brand new Virtual Field Trip. It?s called ?I do Solemnly Swear: The U.S. Presidential Inauguration.? It?s premiering on Tuesday, January 19th at noon ET. We?ve pulled in some amazing guests, including senators, the Librarian of Congress, the former Chief of Staff to Laura Bush, speech writers for George H.W. Bush and Barak Obama, and there?s even a surprise appearance by a major VIP who has an important message for students. The best part is that we got to work with some awesome kids from Operation Homefront who will be asking these guests a series of questions about the history,  traditions and importance of U.S. Presidential Inaugurations. 


On Wednesday, January 20th, we also invite you to tune in to a kids livestream event hosted by Keke Palmer. The livestream will include special guests segments from the Library of Congress, trivia and fun facts, and of course, the events of the 2021 Presidential Inauguration. 

Usually it takes us about 4-6 months to produce a Virtual Field Trip, and we?re doing this one in less than two weeks. So this has been a crazy start to 2021! But we love the opportunity to develop engaging programs for kids that is timely and relevant. We all know how important it is for students to be informed on current events, and we?re excited to continue delivering on that in 2021.  



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Challenge Students with Hands-On Problem Solving Experiences from Innovation Generation

When we look at the world around us, we can easily point out many problems and challenges facing society and our environment. These problems can be complex and often require critical thinking and innovative ideas to address. Stanley Black & Decker in partnership with Discovery Education has designed Innovation Generation to encourage students to explore creativity, design, and connection to become a problem solver in their communities and the world! Inspire the next generation of innovators to explore solutions that can impact their communities with the Making for Good Challenge and year-round resources from Innovation Generation. 

Making for Good Challenge 

Great solutions stem from great ideas! The Making for Good Challenge encourages young makers in grades 9-12 across the nation to innovate with purpose. Now through January 28, 2021, students working individually or in teams of two to four, are invited to develop a unique product design solution that will help solve an environmental or societal problem in their home, school, community or the global population.

To enter the challenge students must submit a 60-90 second video discussing their problem, demonstrating how the product can help solve it and reviewing their use of the 6-step engineering design process: ask, imaging, plan, create, test and improve. The first?place winner receives a total $15,000!

Parents can register students for the challenge at, and students can explore additional resources to help them organize, plan and brainstorm for challenge entries. Entries are accepted through January 28, 2021! 

Resources That Inspire Innovation 

In addition to the ongoing challenge, Stanley Black & Decker also offers resources to help bring the world of STEAM to life and inspire students wherever learning takes place, all year long. 

  • Classroom activities will engage and challenge students with real world problems in the world of robotics and sustainability. These standards aligned activities will include instructions, materials lists, and additional links for supplemental learning! 
  • Career Profile videos will offer students an inside look at STEAM careers inside Stanley Black & Decker. Professionals will share the ways they use STEAM every single day at work and walk students through their path to success 
  • Concept & Create Virtual Field Trip will take students on a journey into the Stanley Black & Decker Makerspace. Working alongside the experts, students will be inspired to be agents of innovation, and will see and experience first-hand how math, science, technology, creativity and teamwork can lead to technological advancements in our everyday lives.

Challenge your students to create change in the world around them and explore the ways STEAM is improving our lives with Innovation Generation! Find these resources and more on the Innovation Generation channel in Discovery Education Experience. 

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This Week at DE: Week of January 11

Hi everyone, my name is Tess Henkel and I?m a Digital Content Manager at Discovery Education. This week?s events in our nation’s Capital were disturbing and hard to process. We understand how difficult it is for all of us, especially teachers and students, to make sense of everything. As you continue to navigate conversations with your students, we are fully committed to supporting you with relevant and timely digital resources. 

On the homepage of Discovery Education Experiencewe have curated DE originals and resources from our trusted content corporate and community partners for every grade band. These resources provide timely, balanced news coverage to help students understand current eventshelp reduce stress and anxiety, promote civil discourse, understand the power of words, learn about the peaceful transfer of power, and encourage toleranceunderstanding, and empathy. We?ve also included resources specifically for educators on trauma-informed teaching.

As always, we?re here and committed to helping you. We will continue to update and share additional resources in the days ahead. Stay safe and we?ll see you next week. 

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Gratitude and 5 Other Skills to Build Sustainable Happiness

By Laura Bakosh, Ph.D. Co-Founder, Inner Explorer
Discovery Education guest blogger, Laura from Inner Explorer, talks about the importance of practicing happiness skills, particularly during the challenges of the global pandemic.

Yesterday, I received a package from my sister in law, Marsha, with a beautiful homemade face mask. Gratitude washed over me. Her generosity released a cascade of feelings that researchers acknowledge lead to happiness.

In these unprecedented times, it is easy to lose sight of happiness and self-care. The following 6 learnable skills are proven to increase health and wellbeing and reduce stress and anxiety. Now is an ideal time to get started!

  • Gratitude.  In spite of challenges, it?s uplifting to recognize the efforts many people make every day; the healthcare worker tending to the sick, the store employee stocking shelves with food, the teachers bringing the classroom and learning into the home.  Writing in a journal or listening to a gratitude practice can help re-enforce the gratitude you feel.
  • Generosity. Sharing a kind word, a simple note of thanks, or lending a hand to someone else can lift your mood and theirs. Doing just one generous act each day begins a cycle that can inspire others to pay it forward.
  • Purpose. Inspiration can come from anywhere. My mother was inspired by Marsha, and began making masks this week for the folks in her retirement community. She?s in her 80?s with poor vision, yet she?s engaging in this new sense of purpose.  As Thoreau said ?One is not born into the world to do everything, but to do something?.  What is your ?something??
  • Positive Outlook. This may feel impossible during a pandemic, yet research shows focusing on the good helps you feel better, sleep better and be healthier. Balance pandemic news by tuning into the Good News Network (GNN) and explore all the good things happening. It may even spark a few new ideas.
  • Human Connection. There are many online and mobile resources like Zoom and Facetime to creatively connect people who are sequestered in their homes. A few ?face-to-face? minutes can boost your focus and your productivity.
  • Mindfulness.  Practicing mindfulness is the glue that ties these skills together. When your body and mind are settled, creativity and compassion begin to flow naturally. Inner Explorer?s free mindfulness app I AM PRESENT, offers families brief daily practices that reduce stress, increase learning readiness and bolster resiliency.

Inner Explorer, in collaboration with LG Electronics, Discovery Education and others, has brought the Experience Happiness Initiative to over 3 million children and teens.  This crisis is providing a beautiful opportunity to practice being mindful, grateful, generous, positive, purposeful and connected. Please join our growing community and Discover Your Happy.

Videos highlighting each of these learnable skills, as well as family activities and classroom content from the Experience Happiness Initiative and the Discover Your Happy, a program created in partnership with LG and Discovery Education, are available at no-cost to families and can also be found on the Discover Your Happy channel in Discovery Education Experience.

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