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Each Class Gets Their Own Discussion Wall

Blog Image Due to many requests, we have implemented the class wall. Each and every class you create will contain a class wall, aka blog for instructors and their students to discuss current events, problems, solutions, suggestions, or whatever floats their boat. The class wall is a great place for open discussions with the entire class.

The instructor has full control over the class wall. This means that the instructor will be able to delete all posts and replies regardless of who created them. Students will only be able to delete the posts and replies that they create themselves. This is to guarantee that the class wall does not contain anything that the instructor thinks is inappropriate.

As with everything else implemented on this site, we want feedback about the class wall, including any errors, problems, or any suggestions on how to improve the functionality of the wall and/or the website in general. Please take the time to reply to this post or send us a message. Thank you.