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Its About Timezones!

Blog Image For your information, we have made choosing a timezone mandatory during registration. As for our current members, they will be redirected to their profile page every time they login until they select a timezone and save their profile. It is important to note that this only applies to instructors. Therefore, students' timezones will be the same as their instructor's timezone. If a student has more than one instructor for multiple classes, each class will depend on what the intructor's timezone is.

In the past, we only set a user's timezone when requested to do so. Therefore, we know that many of our user's either converted their time into US Eastern or did not use due dates and start dates at all. That day has past and we are sorry that it took so long to implement this option.

Once your timezone has been selected, all assignment due dates, start dates, and stop dates will now correspond with your timezone. If you notice that there is any discrepancy in your test or task availabilities or anything that leads you to believe that something is not working correctly, please contact us immediately. We have tested this new functionality, however nothing is truly tested until our user's are completely satisfied with it. Thank you.


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Yes, it is about time! Thanks bud.

  • 1375 days ago