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New step-by-step interactive tutorials added

Blog ImageOne of the biggest complaints about the website has been the lack of tutorials and instructions on how to use it. While the functionality of SimpleVLE is relatively Simple(hense the name), there can be some confusing elements that come with the territory of hosting dynamic web content and providing the tools that allow users to generate that content. In other words, a site with this much functionality can't be but so simple, right? Finally we had some time to create some very detailed step-by-step tutorials that go through how to use the many tools that SimpleVLE provides. The tutorials can be downloaded in pdf or powerpoint format or you can try the interactive HTML5 version. Click here to view the tutorials and let us know if we missed anything or if there is any other subjects you wish us to touch on. A Frequently Asked Questions section has been added as well. There are not many there at this time, but we will provide a form that you can easily ask us more questions and we will post the ones that are the most frequent. If it is a question that only you seem to have, we will answer you by email if you leave us one.