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Finally, New Question Types Added!

Blog Image New question types have just been added to our test design options. In addition to multiple choice and true or false questions, you now have the capability to create tests with short answer and essay questions as well. Creating the new question types are just as simple as creating the multiple choice questions.

The only difference is that these questions will need to be manually graded, but don't worry. We have created a very user-friendly grading wizard that allows you to very quickly and methodically grade each answer with much ease.

Give it a try and I'm positive you will like the way it was implemented. And as always, please let us know immediately if you have any issues with the new options as well as anything else. Also, let us know how you like it and/or what you would like done differently if anything.





Great, now I might use this site!

  • 1623 days ago


I love this site! I used to use Schoology but it was too bloated for my needs.

  • 1563 days ago