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Website Security - How secure is SimpleVLE?

Blog Image Like any other website owners, we are always concerned about the security of our website and our users' information. Therefore I would like to take this time to talk about security and how it relates to our website. First of all, we do not share our users' information with any other sites or entities whatsoever. Actually, we only require our users to provide the most basic information, which consists of a username, password, email, and general location which will be used to determine timezones in the near future.

What happens to your information if you stop using SimpleVLE? At any time, users may request a complete wipe of the information that he or she has provided. Furthermore, all accounts that are inactive for 6 months or more will be deleted automatically unless an exception has been made for that user. We would rather not keep any more information than we have to because we do not want to waste any resources on users that aren't even using the site.

How secure is SimpleVLE? Well, many hackers believe it or not, actually live by a code of ethics that would usually prevent them from targeting a little old harmless free website like SimpleVLE. In other words, we are not a target for hackers like for example, Target. That being said, there are many hackers that hack websites like ours knowing that they aren't going to get any data that they can immediately benefit from. The reason for this is because many users make the mistake of using the same username and password that they used for their bank, email, medical accounts, etc. So, don't do it for this site or any other site, it's that simple.

In conclusion, we try to secure our data the best we can but ultimately the security of your information is on you. To be safe, always use an independant username and password exclusively for each site that you are a member of and that will go a long way in protecting yourself. Please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions by email or by commenting on this blog. Thanks.


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I totally agree with you. I use a different username and password for every website I become a member of. Even RSA, a firm specializing in cyber security has been successfully hacked! See <a href=" "></a>

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