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Premium Accounts Now Available

Blog Image For those who want an inexpensive class management solution which includes live phone support, unlimited file and content sharing, and no advertisements, we have created several options just for you. These options along with other new features, coupled with exciting enhancements scheduled for future deployments, require us to charge a small premium to the users that wish to utilize them. Everything stays the same for our existing user base, however now users have the choice to pay a small fee for the additional features and support.

For only $9 per month, a single instructor can enjoy all of the functionality that comes with a basic account plus the following:

Depending on the situation, there are two additional plans that are being offered as well. Individuals can save $20 by purchasing a premium account billed on a yearly basis for a total of $88 dollars a year. Alternatively, group accounts are available for schools and businesses which can be customized to fit their needs. Click here for more information about our premium account offers.