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SimpleVLE Overhauled - Site Update

Blog Image SimpleVLE has been upgraded to a new and improved responsive design. The new site will be a little different than the old site, but the main components remain the same. While most of the original options are functional, many of the new options have not yet been completed. Howver, the options and tools that are necessary to managing a class are available. I will be using this blog to update users on the upcoming options, new tools, and many other subjects that require a detailed explanation. Please be patient as I make the necessary changes and please let me know if you have any problems regarding the new configuration. There will be more information coming soon.

Update: I hope that everyone has contacted me that wanted their accounts to be migrated to this new system. If you did not have a chance to contact me but do want your old accounts migrated to theis system, please contact me immediately. You may contact me by using this contact form. Please refer to the previous blog post for more information. Thanks for using SimpleVLE!


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This blog is open for comments, so please let us know if anything is not working properly now that the update is mostly finished. Also, this is a good place for suggestions and feedback regarding the site. Thanks.

  • 1736 days ago